Invisible Girl


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    Lisa Jewell creates a psychological tale full of suspense and mystery which launches with a sexual assault. Owen Pick was once a teacher, although he was never the perfect one in the job he was one of those who loved his quiet profession with no headaches.

    Morning time was always pleasant for him because he used to get ready for the one thing which he had in his life i.e a job. One day his job became a nightmare for him when a student leveled a charge against him, a charge which he could not accept.

    Invisible Girl

    The girl accused Owen of a sexual assault which he never committed. Still, he wasn’t able to defend himself in front of the board of directors and lost his job forever. Living at his aunt’s house with not much to do brings him near the Fours family.

    Owen knows he needs help fast but he fails to find any source which could lead him out of his miseries. Moreover, the young girl from the Fours family also says that she saw Owen following her when she was alone. Owen gets disturbed by all this and then he listens about Saffyre Maddox who was once a patient of Roan Fours.

    Roan helped the girl a lot in her psychological treatment but at the end of the treatment, she was still lost and helpless. Owen started investigating about the girl and then she was gone in front of his eyes. Sadly Owen once again is considered guilty in the case.

    Then She Was Gone and The Truth About Melody Browne never had a whole band of narrators. Here we have a team of professionals including Donna Banya, Connor Swindells, and Katherine Kelly. This whole band of narrators decorates each corner of the story and brings it to us like a true masterpiece.

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