It’s Always the Husband

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It’s Always the Husband is genre fiction novel with an extremely captivating tale. It is written by Michele Campbell in an awe-inspiring writing style. Her phenomenal writing skills are evident in some of her others novels as well. Those quality novels include The Wife Who Knew Too Much and A Stranger on the Beach.

January LaVoy is the narrator of this novel. It is a great novel which got further enhanced in the audio version by spellbinding narration by January.

It’s Always the Husband is a kind of a painful, absorbing and a suspenseful novel which goes on to examine the different complexities associated with friendship. It is an amazing tale of hate, love and murder. The met first time as college mates and soon became close friends, despite of having a lot of differences. Kate was gorgeous, rich and damaged.

Aubrey approached from the wrong side and more than anything to keep himself away from her past. Jenny was ambitious and determined for ding big in her life at any cost. It was an unlikely kind of a friendship tri where all three f then swore that they will stay friends forever, no matter how many differences they have among each other. Then the story goes down to 20 years later when all three are married women and life is not the same as it used to be for them.

The book overall is good but it had a weak plot in a way that it was quite predictable and at the same time, cliché as well. The characters individually were good and strong on their own but not much impressive when together or interacting with others. In short, this book is good to read or listen for once as it will serve as a good time pass.

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