Jack Reacher:One Shot

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Lee Child has a trend of his own in the series, the author starts the series like a short story in the first chapter where there is always a lot of fuss. Usually, novels start with a proper description of the characters but this series does not follow those old fashions. Like Die Trying and Tripwire this one starts with a big bang. Six bullets are fired by the criminal and only one is missed the rest of the five were bang on target. Police had to do the investigation real fast because they had five dead bodies on their hands.

A quick search bore good results; the criminal was arrested and was taken to prison. One small problem remained for the police i.e the criminal named James Barr was not ready to accept his crime. All of the evidence proved him guilty but he didn’t agree to it, in desperation he yelled Jack Reacher’s name after which there was no need for another call. James was once an excellent sniper but this does not mean that he shot all of the five men.

Reacher instead of pondering on the matter started investigating the sixth lucky one who escaped the attack. The drama just goes bigger and bigger in the voice of Dick Hill and there comes a point when the situation goes out of the hands of police and court. So Reacher decides to settle it in his own personal way i.e in his court. Jack gets some assistance in this book that is usually not there in these novels also courtroom scenes are a new addition to the series.




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