Kill Decision

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Kill Decision is another great addition to an already flourishing archive of Daniel Suarez novels. It is a mystery thriller with highly engaging suspenseful content. The narration of this novel is given by Jeff Gurner, who already has partnered with Daniel Suarez in several other novels of his.

The unidentifiable drones with weapons already exist. They are widely used by United States in wars happening in the Middle East region. The author in this novel takes into account this very fact and the actual reality behind it, while giving frightening results.

Linda McKinney is a renowned scientist, a myrmecologist who learned the entire social structure of ants. Her educational career resulted her in being totally unprepared for the time when all of her sophisticated research is taken up by the unknown conspirers. This research was taken by them to run an automated, unmanned drone army.

Odin is known as the sophisticated and secretive soldier with a very unique opinion into the unmanned enemy who has started to attach the homeland of America with many drones programmed to locate, identify and hit the targets with no intervention of human beings.  Both Odin and McKinney together should work to slow down this advance for the entire world to acknowledge the level of its destructive power. There are many consequences to deal with. And, they weren’t prepared to the extent of what everything was building up around them.

Change Agent and Delta-v novels are also written by Daniel Suarez. As expected from Daniel Suarez, these are mystery thrillers with great level of involvement, which you will experience with the suspense it has. The audio books of these novels re highly recommended for their excellent narrations, which makes the whole experience even more tempting and rewarding.






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