Kingdom Blades

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Melissa McPhail is a phenomenal writer of science fiction fantasies. She has proved that quite well in A Pattern of Shadow and Light novel series. Kingdom Blades is the 4th chapter in the same mentioned series. It became a huge sensation both in print and audio as soon as it got released. The author has done some other successful novels as well, which include the likes of The Sixth Strand and Cephrael’s Hand.

Nick Podehl has done the narration of this chapter in a very soulful tone. He has a repute as a great performer and there is nothing you could complain about his performance in this novel.

Prince Ean in Kandori is bound to Bjorn’s game and also to Isabel, his sister. But, Ean wanted to be completely free of both of them. He fears that this game wouldn’t let him do so and neither the man who he used to be. He started chasing memories through 3 distinct kingdoms after being chained in by guilt and his duty. He was doing all this to become a Player of the game on his own terms only.

Tanis on the other side in Hallovia has found his own true identity and also his nature as Adept of 4 strands. He has bound himself to the Pelas and in return bound the Pelas to Bjorn’s game. But will this all be enough to negate the intentions of his brothers?

As per many fans and critics, Kingdom Blades by far is the best chapter of A Pattern of Shadow and Light. The author did great work with the plot of the novel and creating larger than life characters.

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