Paths of Alir


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    Paths of Alir is a science fiction fantasy novel. It is chapter 3 of A Pattern of Shadow and Light novel series. The author of this novel and series is Melissa McPhail who has done quite a good job in the subject series which is around her comfort zone of science-fictional writing.

    The Sixth Strand and Cephrael’s Hand are the best novels written by Melissa McPhail so far and they earned a lot of appreciation as well. It will always be a good idea to have them listened in audio format, which will be a literary experience par excellence and both these novels are narrated quite good as well.

    Paths of Alir

    The narration of Paths of Alir is done by Nick Podehl. After hearing him in the audio format of this novel, you will not be able to imagine any other voice for the characters of this novel. This is how good his performance in the chapter was.

    The truth reader Tanis looks to make a return to his birthplace. Upon arrival there along the Caladrian Coast in Agasan, he discovered himself in mysterious and unbelievable situations.

    However, Tanis gets a warning from the zanthyr Phaedor about all those ominous events that are lined up ahead. The guy in no time started to wonder if the magical lessons of his mother would be big enough for his survival and to keep him alive. This was a very tough situation for him and escape was an option but not an easy one.

    Paths of Air is a very soothing and satisfying novel for the science fiction fantasy buffs. On top of that, the performance given by Nick was also brilliant and raised the bar of this audiobook much higher.

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