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The Dagger of Adendigaeth

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A Pattern of the Shadow and Light is the bestselling novel series by Melissa McPhail. He grew up in a family of musicians but soon developed her love for writing and offered some great literary entertainment. The Dagger of Adendigaeth is the second chapter of A Pattern of the Shadow and Light novel series. It is a science fiction fantasy and also the comfort zone of Melissa McPhail in literary writing. A few of her other successful novels include the likes of The Sixth Strand and Cephrael’s Hand.

Nick Podehl is an experienced narrator and he blessed this audiobook with his soulful and powerful voice. The performance was outstanding with excellent tonal quality, expression, and energy.

The Dagger of Adendigaeth

The Prince Ean has forsaken all his allies in battle and blood for the sake of joining Fifth Vestal in T’khendar. It was all desired in the hope of getting some more insight into the different tragedies that were the blocker in his return. He must confront that man now who he has always thought to be his enemy and also find the role that he is supposed to play in the dark magnificent game of the First Lord.

The Vestal Raine has followed Bjorn, his oath brother through the six different kingdoms. However, the condemned realm keeps many of the choking secrets. Raine took no time to realize that he is up against his greatest enemy, which was in the truth and not in Bjorn.

Tanis, the fine young truth reader faces a new villain in the fiery-eyed person whom he followed right from the café in Rethynnea.

The book is very fascinating and highly recommended to science fiction lovers. The performance of Nick is also outstanding.



Cephrael’s Hand

Paths of Alir


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