Memories of Midnight


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    Those who have not read or listened to Sidney Sheldon yet, have missed an opportunity to relish the pleasures of a true classic thriller. There are enough things in these twisty tales that can make anyone just crazy about these stories.

    Scandals, love affairs, and the stories of conspiracies can just make many feel completely stunned. The previous novel The Other Side of Midnight ended in style and then there was a lot that needed a proper explanation. Sheldon starts the things in this novel right from where the previous novel ended.

    Steven Pacey is once again the narrator for this second part of the series, thus there are not a lot of changes that are made in the series. Catherine got into trouble when her husband started dating an upcoming star and lost a complete connection with her. She never expected such a thing in her life because she has remained sincere to her husband throughout her married life and wanted to receive the same dedication.

    Memories of Midnight

    The Greek Tycoon also made life miserable for her as he started plotting different plans against her family. The story just shifts from Greece on this occasion and the author allows the audience to enjoy other parts of the world as well.

    The author does not change the scenes only, rather he wanted to enhance the horizon of the story. Catherine develops as a strong character, there are moments when we can observe the tension mounting up for her but she knows exactly what she has to do.

    A strong female character makes us remember the character in Master of the Game. The only difference here is that the woman stuck in trouble does not want to become a business legend.

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