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Cephrael’s Hand

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Cephrael’s Hand is a novel written by Melissa McPhail. The book is a science fiction fantasy. It is the opening chapter of a brand new fictional series by the name of A Pattern of Shadow and Light. The author has done quite well in the domain of the fictional novel. If you are interested in such novel types then you must check out The Sixth Strand and Paths of Alir novels written by Melissa McPhail.

Nick Podehl has given a fantastic performance in this audiobook. He is an experienced writer and brought all that in this novel. He managed to play every character of this novel quite distinctly.

After 300 years post the genocidal Adept Wars in Alorin, the realm is just dying. All of those graced ad blessed races of Adept is dying with it. One man had the key to stop and revert all this decline. He was none other than Bjorn van Gelderan. He was an enigmatic and dangerous man whose surprising betrayal some three centuries ago helped him earn the label of a traitor.

Cephrael's Hand

The young Ean val Lorian prince in the Dannym kingdom faced a tenuous future where he was the last alive heir to the Eagle Throne. Ean sets off on a desperate search for the person responsible for setting up a failed assassination attempt on his brother. His advisors had agenda of their own in that situation and his vengeance quest puts him into even deeper trouble.

The book is quite good overall and Melissa did a fantastic job writing it. In the audio version, the performance of Nick Podehl deserves to be appreciated as well.


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