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Kushiel’s Avatar novel is the third chapter of the same series. It is a science fiction fantasy novel with a good storyline and exciting characters and situations. If you want to know about some more quality novels from Jacqueline then Naamah’s Kiss and Kushiel’s Dart are the ones to look for.

Anne Flosnik continued as the narrator of this novel after giving amazing performances in the first two chapters of the series. As expected, she was brilliant once again in reading the storyline with lots of perfection.

The story of this novel is set in the land of Terre d’ Ange. It is an amazing place with immense beauty and grace. It is believed to be discovered by angels and the ensuing race of this land rose from angels and men. They all lived with a simple rule to love.

Phedro is the main character of this novel and the entire series. She is a lady stabbed by Kushiel’s Dart. She was the one to endure pain and love as the same thing. Her paths in life have always been quite weird and dangerous. Joscelin, a devoted swordsman has been always by her side in those tough times. The nature of Thedro was quite different and kind of torturous for both of them. But, Joscelin always stood firm with her and never backed off in any situation. He was there to serve and protect her.

The great thing about Kushiel’s Legacy series is that any of its novels could be read or listened out of order. The standalone individuality of the series gives good flexibility to the audience and this 3rd chapter could be the first one to start with as it is far more engaging than the first two chapters.


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