Kushiel’s Mercy


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    Jacqueline Carey is a good American author with novels usually around fiction fantasy. Kushiel’s Legacy is one of her finest series with a good fan following. It is a science fiction fantasy saga and the subject novel. Kushiel’s Mercy is its 6th chapter. The author has written a range of other good quality novels that sound even great in audio format. Naamah’s Kiss and Kushiel’s Dart by far are the best novels from the author where the later one is from the same Kushiel’s Mercy novel series.

    Simon Vance is a renowned narrator and has made many average novels sound too good. However, this one is quite an exciting novel where Simon Vance performed to his maximum potential. He received excellent feedback from the followers and critics as well.

    Kushiel’s Mercy

    Imriel and Sidonie in this chapter are seen not taking long to confess their affair. This came especially after learning a lesson about upsetting the will of gods. The younger generations got infatuated by their star-crossed romance and defended them quite well. However, a good number of others were not ready to forget those betrayals of Melisande, the mother of Imriel. She plunged the entire country in a bloody war that resulted in the lives lost of many people including brothers, sons, and fathers.

    Kushiel’s Mercy is an excellent story on its own and you can listen to it as a standalone novel. However, getting an idea about the background of the series is good but you will not be struggling with that in this novel. Simon Vance is one of the highlights of this novel with his impeccable performance. This is a god novel to invest your time in.

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