Kushiel’s Dart

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Kushiel’s Dart marks the beginning of a brand new series with the title of Kushiel’s legacy. Chapter 1 of the novel made an excellent start and the audience got quite excited for the following novels in the series. This is a science fiction fantasy series and amazingly well written. The writer of this series is Jacqueline Carey. A couple of worth mentioning novels is Kushiel’s Avatar and Kushiel’s Chosen.

Anne Flosnik has done the narration of this chapter. She has a very exciting and English type of tone. She was good at giving individual voices to different characters in the novel.

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You will find the amazing land of Terre d’Ange is a spot with absolute grace and beauty. It is believed that the land was discovered by angels and found it to be too good.

There is a fine young woman who took birth with a scarlet mote seen at her left eye. She was sold into indentured servitude while she was still a kid. Her bond was purchased by a very noble person who was on a special mission. His name was Anafiel Delaunay. Phedre was ten trained in the courtly arts but, the ability to observe, analyze, and remember were her best traits. She was as good as a spy as she was a courtesan. She came across a plot that was dangerous enough to shake the foundations of her homeland. Treachery got her on the right path where honor and love got her even further.

The novel overall received some mixed reviews. This was mainly because of its length which lasts for 31 hours. There were some boring parts in between. However, as a whole, it is quite interesting and worth listening to.



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