Lays of Anuskaya (1-3)

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Bradley P. Beaulieu has created a new sort of world in this trilogy that is under the threat of war of epic proportion. The series starts with the description of Khalakovo that stretches sky high and is a land of wonders. The land serves as a crossroad for trade and has its worth for the entire seven islands that use the route.

The story develops in a smooth and interesting ways just like the author’s other novels including A Veil of Spears: Song of the Shattered Sands, Book 3 – Bradley P. Beaulieu and With Blood upon the Sand – Bradley P. Beaulieu.

However, the story takes a twist when a conflict breaks out between the local and the rest and also a deadly disease spreads all over the island. The climax reaches when the grand duke is murdered on his way to the island when he was coming for a meeting regarding the problem.

As the search for the murderer starts we see that its link appear to be joining with the cause of the horrible disease as well that was laying waste the local people of the island. The story is well knit and the events are surely well told as we move toward the second part we are told about Anuskaya and the empire of Yrstanla that are on the verge of war after remaining at peace for a long time. The main issue however seems to be the expansion of land only but later the whole thing becomes more complex all of a sudden. The boy who summoned the horrible disease in the first part has become a young man now and this time he uses his powers to save the land of Anuskaya that he love so much.

The epic story ends with a nice third part that is linked quite well with the previous two and thus the writer has successfully created a unity among all the three parts. The narration of Ray Chase takes the story to the end quite well the narration starts a bit slow in the first part but toward the later stages it keeps a nice pace with the whole thing.    







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