Left for Dead

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A mystery having thrill in it is the best thing you could have for the weekend and thus if you are looking for that kind of fun this book is the perfect material. J.A Jance presents Ali Reynolds who has two murder cases in hand at the start and the scene of action is none other than America’s central city New York.

The introduction of two murders makes one thing clear that the intentions of the writer are to thrill us and there would be no love or sex scenes present. The story moves along two lines one is personal and the other is professional as the first person that was killed shared a passed with Reynolds, the case when investigated showed that it was not an ordinary killing Jose Reyes and his wife got mixed up in drug dealing that resulted in such a fate.

Ali Reynolds fails to believe the whole thing as she knew the man quite well, thus it is not just a murder mystery she had to solve, and she had to restore the status of a friend in the society after his death. Jance’s other books like The A List and Field of Bones can be read along with this book as the theme is a bit similar even though the plot is not the same.

The development of the characters and the progress of the story is all well arranged and described in a picture perfect manner. Karen Ziemba’s narration just keep on impressing us the more we hear the voice the more we are attached to that forceful voice with high pitch in the action and thrilling scenes.




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