Legion: Skin Deep

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Legion: Skin Deep is a marvelous new chapter from the Legion novel series. It is a product of author Brandon Sanderson, who is a big name in the literary writing fraternity and already has an established fan base. The narration of Legion: Skin Deep is given by Oliver Wyman, which turned out to be a good attempt, which the followers appreciated.

The author Brandon Sanderson is one of the finest fantasists that you will ever see in his generation and even beyond to some extent. His highly illustrative and ambitious novel series, spanned on multiple volumes earned him his great repute. In return, he got the honor of being awarded various prestigious awards and also became the best-selling author in New York Times.

The Story revolves around Legion, whose actual name is Stephen Leeds. He is a man with some really unique qualities and had some really amazing and specialized skills. Legion is hired this time by I3 in order to recover a stolen corpse from the morgue. But that wasn’t that straightforward. The corpse is of an experimental biotechnologist pioneer. His work was around the basis of a human body to be used as a huge storage device. That was actually the secretive catch behind the corpse that got stolen from the morgue.

Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds is another chapter from the legion novel series, which is highly recommended and something you could relate and compare with the subject novel from the series as well. Moreover, Legion is the first chapter of the series and knowing that would develop more interest in you to read this series from end to end.






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