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As soon as you start the first chapter of the book there is no rest for you until you finish the book at a quick pace. Author Dean Koontz starts telling the listeners about a girl who has been lucky from her birth.

Things were not perfect for Laura Shane the day when she came to the world. At the time of her birth, many say that they saw a sharp bolt of lightning out of which a man appeared and saved Laura from her upcoming death. Thus the guarding angel did his job stupendously and because of that Laura is leading a placid life even now. But this is just the one side of the picture because the guarding angel was not what it seemed to be in appearance.

It was the devil that saved Laura as he wanted her for one big mission of his own. The girl is fully young now and she thinks she can sense the presence of a force that is looking after her from the day she was born. Dean just like Elsewhere and Watchers creates a very interesting story full of suspense and thrill. The listener is not told about the real purpose of the guardian till the story reaches halfway.

No one can guess the true purpose behind the cause which makes everyone more curious about the fate of the young girl who has cheated death once in her life. In some places there exist hints about different events to build a sketch in our minds. Christopher Lane does his best to narrate a complex and troubled character of a girl who herself is not sure about her fate.

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