Lines of Departure

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After the grand success of the first novel of the Frontlines novel series, the follow-up sequel of the series was highly anticipated. The author, Marko Kloos made another brilliant attempt with the sequel named as Lines of Departure, which had the same level of excitement and quality as the first novel, but this time, with a totally new story to impress the audience. Luke Daniels gave the narration of this novel in his excellent voice, which deserves all appreciation.

The story describes a brutal interstellar battle along with an eternal alien species. It is about blood bath in a war that is fought over the last of the livable vicinities of the cosmos. The story is about militaristic police, political unrest and some serious threats to the entire solar system.

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Humanity is all over on the ropes and struggling big time. After fighting a war with all losing odds for a good number of years, Andrew Grayson, the Commonwealth Defense Corps officer has a lot to do at his end. He was thinking, rather dreaming of stepping down from his service some day in the future and that too with his girlfriend, who is a pilot.

But, just when the warfare took charge of the entire planets involved, Andrew Grayson wonders, if there will be any suitable place for them to go. This was an even tougher question to answer, especially when the condition of Earth was getting deteriorated.

Andrew Grayson gets a reassignment. Aftershocks and Angels of Attack novels are also penned by Marko Kloos and earned great appreciation for brilliant fictional writing by the author and also for the quality of its narration.



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