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Redwall is a mind-blowing series. It was the best-selling series of its times with millions of copies sold. Loamhedge is its 15th chapter of one of the greatest sagas of all time it is a science which fantasy novel which is ideally intended for children. But, it has been seen with Brian Jacques novels that people of all ages enjoy his craft. If you want to have a good look in other works done by Brian Jacques then you must check out his Martin the Warrior and Mossflower novels.

Brian Jacques is also the narrator of this book. But, he was not alone for the task. He was supported by a team of narrators in order to play the distinctive characters of the novel much authoritatively. This is exactly what was achieved as the performance in this chapter turns out to be mind-blowing.

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Martha Barebuck, the young haremaid is wheelchair bound. She wonders, if the forgotten Abbey, Loamhedge may just have the way to find her cure. In order to do this. Braggon (otter) and Sarobando (squirrel) goes for Loamhedge on behalf of Martha. Redwall Abbey gets attacked by Raga Bol and his cronies, as soon as Braggon and Sarobando are gone. But Raga Bol is pursued by a badger about whom she had no idea.

The Loamhedge has got nonstop action. You will find the villains in this novel as satisfyingly evil and then the Abbeybeasts seems to just like a good old mate. The humor in this novel is par excellence and the food ideas are all mouth-watering along with a rich language that it has. All this, you cannot afford to miss at all.



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