The Arena


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    War is approaching the peaceful village of Edgewood and Gunnar is in desperate need of help from a powerful ally. The enemy has grown stronger this time and Gunnar has to forge an army to fight against the one who has a dragon in his arsenal. Instead of building a defensive wall or forging an army, Gunnar comes up with a better plan. Planning has been the key for Gunnar in Eden’s Gate: The Reborn and Eden’s Gate: The Sparrow. Here the plan is simple just enter the arena as a gladiator, win the competition and get the support of the king. King of Highcastle surely has the power Gunnar and his friends need to stop Dryden. Gunnar also plans of telling the king how much Dryden and his dragon would become threatening for him if not stopped.

    The Arena

    The author Edward Brody prolongs Rachel’s case again here. One cause of Gunnar’s entering the competition is to find Rachel as well. Becoming a gladiator can provide him the fame which he needs to reach Rachel. His pictures would be pasted on the hoardings during the competition and if Rachel exists in this virtual world she would see it for sure and will reach him more quickly than expected.

    With all this silver lining Pavi Proczko narrates some sad info too i.e if Gunnar loses he will not only lose the competition but would also lose Edgewood as well. Losing is unaffordable for Gunnar and his pals who are dependent on the competition now. The ending is better than the previous four parts, a lot of things which were expected in this part never happened and the author has saved them for the last two parts.

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