A Dance with Dragons Audiobook – A Song of ICE and FIRE book 5


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    About A Dance with Dragons audiobook

    A Song of Ice and Fire is the remarkable epic fantasy series of the American novelist – George R. R. Martin. He had recently published the fifth book A Dance with Dragons in 2011 after six years of writing. Along with the success of the whole series and other single books, A Dance with Dragons soon ranks #1 in the bestselling lists of Publishers Weekly and USA Today. Currently, George R. R. Martin is still writing the last two volumes named The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. There is not strange if you find sometimes the fourth novel is titled into two separate parts: Dreams and Dust and After the Feast.

    Tokybook version

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    Following the tone of the first four volumes, this audiobook promises another fantasy part in the series. The civil war of seven kingdoms on the continent of Westeros exploded for a powerful throne. This book will mainly focus on Daenerys Targaryen from the House Targaryen and her only three dragons left in the world. The ambition of the daughter of Aerys, the last Targaryen King, will not let you down.

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    14 thoughts on “A Dance with Dragons Audiobook – A Song of ICE and FIRE book 5”

      • If you read the details on the book it says feast for crows is a connection between storm of swords and dance of dragons both happening at the same time basically thats why feast for crows had sams pov and dance with dragons has jon snows pov on the gilly oldstown situation

        • Great narrator. He did many voices/personalities. With some n arrators i am guessing who is talking. Some are better than others. I give a thumbs up to any narrator. It is a hard job to do and get it right. He did it right.

    1. Hi, please, what happened to the YouTube version with the American woman narrating (not this whispery girl) but the one u had with the Dragon cover u have at the top of this page for dances w dragons? I’m not feeling the other versions and she was good!! I can’t even find it on YouTube, it’s just disappeared?! Thanks!


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