A Feast for Crows audiobook – A Song of ICE and FIRE book 4


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About A Feast for Crows audiobook

A Feast for Crows is the fourth volume in the New York Times bestselling novel series of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. After A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, and A Storm of Swords, it took the author five years to publish the fourth book in 2005. Due to the length of the books, A Dance with Dragons was delayed, and George R. R. Martin had to agree with the publisher to write another shorter book as the fourth volume.

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Every book in A Song of Ice and Fire is divided into chapters and told in the viewpoints of many characters. From nine characters in the first volume, the fifth volume consists of thirty-one characters. Besides that, A Feast for Crows, as an additional part, just makes the plot more complicated. However, by catching the tone of the story, George R. R. Martin continued A Storm of Swords. Every war will come to a terrible end. Not standing out, the war of five kings ends with the feast for crows.

The books have been translated into various languages, and now the audiobooks are available. Enjoy listening!

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    16 thoughts on “A Feast for Crows audiobook – A Song of ICE and FIRE book 4”

    1. Why is it always this guy talking?!!! He talks to slow! He sounds like a robot!!! Where is melisa or sharron?! Need them for book 4. Not listening anymore because this guy sucks!

      • Firstly, this “guy” is Roy Dotrice, one of the far-and-above BEST voiceover actors and readers in recent history. Secondly, he passed recently, so have a little respect for the dead. And at least he knows the language and gets into the characters and gives them their own individual voices.

        • Well said!! I was about to dig into her but you did a fine job. Sometimes Roy says some things that annoy me a little bit he did a great job and made me laugh more than anything.

        • Firstly she’s allowed to have an opinion without you nerds ganging up on her! Secondly if she didn’t know who the guy was, she certainly didn’t know he died and it doesn’t make a difference to her opinion anyway?! Thirdly, she’s bloody right! Maybe he USED to be the greatest voiceover actor etc. But you and I both know very well that he started to lose it in the last few books, with the accents and pronunciations, I stopped listening and started listening to the American woman?! And u know what? I thought she was reading a different book cos I literally missed out so much detail from listening to Roy Detrice because I could understand this woman so much clearer and I wasn’t distracted by the TERRIBLE accents and “voices” that didn’t stay consistent to each character (literally Arya was Irish in one book and Welsh in another) and the pronunciations were all over the place! Go and read some if the comments of paying customers over on audible they stopped listening and returned the book! I suppose they are all wrong n disrespectful too?! But well done for being a bully hope u got something out of that and this reply applies to the other little minion who commented and said he was gonna give her a good digging out or something you are literally the guy that stands behind the main bully going “yeah” pathetic.

    2. I love this guy who reads! He’s my favorite! I couldn’t imagine listening to anyone else! Thank you for the free audio books!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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