Lycan Fallout 3: End of Age

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Fantasy of the werewolves approaches to the battle point but it surely is not the ending of the epic season that will go on and on with the same sort of sensation that it is presenting. It is a real delight for the audience when Mark Tufo presents strong warriors like Michael who though is a half vampire but not the type that will end up the whole world for his dreams.

This is one thing which separates this series from routine literature that the half vampire is not taking over the world instead he is trying to save it from the deadly werewolves.

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With this half vampire is a team that cannot coexist in any circumstances but they have joined forces since Lycan Fallout and they were together in Lycan Fallout 2: Fall of Man  still we don’t see any affection between them.

All of them have joined hands because they have hidden agendas to accomplish and they can only be fulfilled after the defeat of Xavier the Lycan king. Xavier is not only the king of the werewolves but he also proves to be the meanest of all who want to end the era of human race on earth.

After the extermination of the human race he would be able to launch a new era. Azile the witch is another character that fascinates us with her cunningness and Sean Runnette puts real effort in narrating her but the most wonderful in this part is Lana the girl that can do wonders.

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