Men at Arms

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In the Discworld’s Ankh-Morpork City Watch section this is the second book, town is in a big trouble and it needs a quick cleanup. City Watch needs men quickly in order to complete the task but it is always hard to find good workers. Instead of men City Watch gets dwarves in plenty and they are not ordinary dwarves, they are the poor workers who are thrown out of every job they got before this.

One of them is Angua who claims that she is a woman but in appearance she is totally a different thing, her personality also tells a tale which is not understandable for a normal being. Nobbs the laziest has been thrown out of the human world many years ago and since then he has failed to get a decent job for himself. Story of Cuddy and Detritus is not different at all then the rest of the gang thus starts the mission clean up upon which the future of City Watch depends.

A war has taken place in the city and it has left heavy scars on the town’s outlook, wiping out and erasing every scratch can actually take years. Gang of commoners only has twenty four hours to get the job done. Terry Pratchett brings together unlikely heroes for the big mission; he presents them in such a way that even the audience loses all hopes. Nigel Planer’s narration also proves them clumsy and stupid but still committed to the job.

That has been the strength of the Terry’s characters i.e they blossom on the right time. Wyrd Sisters and Witches Abroad proved that the three witches were always able to get the job done in the end although they were not competent. Here too those who don’t have a heroic appearance take place of the heroes and complete the mission.

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    1. I’m on Discworld 15 – Men at Arms – 06, and I hadd to give up about eight minutes in because the recording kept going in and out so badly I could hardly follow what was happening. The blank spots or skips went back to the beginning of the track (possibly the end of the previous track, I can’t remember for sure). I’m not sure how far they go past where I stopped. If it’s possible to fix this it would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    2. I own A lot of the Disc-World books. and it’s very nice to be able to listen to my favorite books online while doing other things. Thank you


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