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David Baldacci in his thrillers tries to promote feelings and sentiments more than action and no doubt the thing works in his stories. This is the fourth part which Brittany Pressley and Kyf Brewer has narrated and the two narrators have tried to put more stress on feelings. Atlee Pine has been a real hard core detective in the first three parts. She is actually one of those detectives who makes an eye ball to eye ball contact with the craziest of criminals.

Murderers and burglars, both are dealt well by Atlee but this didn’t solve her personal issues at all. Her sister was abducted at the age of six and since that time Atlee has not been able to forget her twin sister. The horrible day when Mercy was abducted, seems to be fresh in her memory and she asks one question from herself that why the man didn’t kidnap her at that time.

Atlee’s family was also not the same after the abduction and now she thinks that she has a clue linked to Mercy. Mercy didn’t die at the hands of the abductor rather she escaped the deadly fangs and this means that she is out there waiting to be discovered.

Atlee uses all her resources and potential in order to get to the truth, linked to the case which destroyed her family years ago. When the truth is revealed at the end of the story, Atlee realizes that she has actually lost a lot in search for the bitter truth. A Gambling Man and Deliver Us from Evil were not so much personal. This story just makes Atlee’s life go upside down when the reality is discovered about her twin sister.

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