Mistress of the Empire


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Mara comes face to face with the ultimate danger that she was preparing herself for since the start. Conclusion of the series puts her in a lot of trouble and though she was expecting it but she could never be ready for an enemy like this. Lady Mara has dealt with conspiracies in the past and the war with bitter enemies but there is nothing in the kingdom like the Black Robes who are now bound to bring her down to her knees. The Black Robes think of her as an eminent threat to their survival so they want to get rid of her as soon as possible.

Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts have made Mara such a character that she just cannot bow down in front of her enemies she always finds a way. No magic, no super powers and big army only Mara’s courage makes her so especial in the world that is mostly against her but then she is also the one who is needed the most by all of them.

Mistress of the Empire

Lady Mara’s voice queers at some stages when she thinks that she is outnumbered, Tania Rodrigues gives her a weak and squeaky tone at these points but all this is temporary. Like Daughter of the Empire and Servant of the Empire she finds a way out through her inner strength that takes her to the depths of evil and makes her confront those she once feared the most. True savior of the empire, Mara surely has been fans’ favorite in the entire trilogy and she has remained popular in men folk, ladies and children alike.


Servant of the Empire

Prince of the Blood


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