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Mary E. Pearson takes the audience to the start of everything including love between the two humans that survived all the tests of time. It is just the beginning of the series that will take everyone on a ride in time and tells us about the time when there were no borders in this world. Morrighan is a character that is painted in a real awesome way, we think of her as a girl who is not only worried about the safety of her family but she is worried about her love too with the boy that is not suitable for her according to many.

There love affair and its stories go on and spread like wild fire and of course the enemies don’t like the news at all. The Kiss of Deception and The Heart of Betrayal take the same series forward to new levels thus can prove to be the right choice after this one. There is a special mystery in the characters and the whole atmosphere though we are told that there were no borders or boundaries in those days but still we see hindrance in the path of love. There is always an antagonist in the way of the main character and this is what makes the whole creation more appealing for all of us.

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It’s fictional but everyone and everything looks so real that we can hardly imagine that we are entering into a world that actually does not exists at all. MacLeod Andrews and Julia Whelan narrate in a superb pair with a matchless accuracy that is too hard to find these days in fictional creation. Member Benefit

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