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Night Study is a science fiction and fantasy novel. It is brilliantly written by Maria V. Snyder. The book is part 5 of The Chronicles of Ixia series. The author has blessed science fiction fantasy lovers with some excellent novels. If a couple of those are to be named then Poison Study and Dawn Study would top the list.

Gabra Zackman has done the narration of this novel. The performance was good and the listeners enjoyed it throughout.

The life of Yelena Zaltana has been uptight with a threat since she got kidnapped as a child from the Illiais Jungle. But, the loss of her Soulfinding abilities just recently has endangered her a lot more than before. As she looked for searching her magic desperately then her enemies started to come close in, while Sitia and Ixia weren’t even safe anymore. This was the case especially after the growing twine between the two countries and the looming possibility of a war.

Valek looked quite keen to defend Yelena but he at his end was running out of options quite quickly. The Commander suspected that all his loyalties were divided and he was keeping some secrets from Valek. Those were the secrets that were putting Yelena, Valek and their other companions in grave danger. Just as they went on to uncover the multiple layers of the mysterious plans of the Commander then that discovered that all this is a lot sinister than they could ever imagine.

Maria V. Snyder is the bestselling novelist in New York Times and her stature is truly reflected in this magnificent science-fiction fantasy novel. It is good with its storyline, characterization, and the performance given by Gabra in its audio version.

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