Nightmares & Dreamscapes III

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Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Volume III

Continuing with the most influential stories of all time, Stephen King creates the best horror collection from the short stories that would surely pop your eyes out when you go into the deeper depth of each story.

Stephen uses his imagination, creates extraordinary events in each of his stories and make sure to add lots of fiction based horror that goes beyond the thoughts of a common man.

Though he never leaves the ground reality apart because of the fact the specialty of his work is that he keeps the things more related to the reality rather than out of this world but weave the stories in a way that makes the reality into supernatural things that no one could ever have dreamed about.

These nightmares and dreamscapes are the best out of many dreamscapes that Stephen King has plotted to amaze his readers and the listeners of the stories. You will go through the horrible journey’s the terrifying events and the most unforgettable life events that may turn the life of the characters upside down that could never be changed until one could input all his efforts till the death.

But instead of keeping the characters in consistent horror, Stephen has the capability to turn things challenging but with a hope of finding better solution to all the nightmares.

You can find many interesting stories in this collection which have been narrated very beautifully by the known narrators including Stephen King, Gary Sinise, Joe Morton, Joe Mantegna who have given the best of their narration skills in the form of unforgettable stories written beautifully and presented in a very composed and compelling manner.

The stories include The Fifth Quarter, You Know They Got a Hell of a Band, Popsy, Sorry, Right Number, The Begger & the Diamond, full cast, The Night Flier, Notes, The Ten O’Clock People, It Grows on You, making this collection the most ferocious horror adventures of all time.



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