Normal People

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Relationship or a friendship can change the mind and perception of the people within no time, Sally Rooney tells the story of two students who possessed different attitude at school. It was like having different status in the society they lived in.

One was famous in the whole school and the second was a real loner having nothing to do with the world that was around. Connell and Marianne never thought that it was coming to them a life changing conversation that made their lives what they never dreamed of.

In the college at Dublin Marianne got all the electrifying start as she started to be the main girl in everything whether it was curricular or co curricular she was everywhere while on the other hand we witness Connell trying to get hold of things.

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Connell never gets a chance to make real friends and mix into things as he was doing in the school and the only person he relies on at every stage is the girl he never liked. The more the two try to get away from one another the more their fate bring them closer and the fate perhaps tries to prove that they are a perfect match right from the beginning.

Thus whether they like it or not they were bound with the bond. As the climax approaches they prove to be the only ones who could help one another before permanent destruction appears in their lives and ruin their future forever. It is much like Conversations with Friends only with a much stronger story knitted with the sentiments that really keeps you going.

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