On a Pale Horse

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First book of the series by Piers Anthony introduces Zane a boy who has nothing in his hands except for his ill fate. The moment he tries to better his fate he falls in a deeper pit than he expected.  After all these failures he decides that he should commit suicide and when he tries to do that he sees Death approaching him in quick pace. Instead of shooting himself he in haste shoots at Death. Later the boy is told that now he has to take the place of Death in his office as this is the rule of the underworld.

Fate guides Zane in everything and takes him to Chronos who shows Zane how to use his powers. Not only Zane control death now but he also possesses the power to change shapes. Slowly and steadily the young boy who once had nothing settles in his new form and now he has the power to take from anyone that he or she holds dear.

Fate however is not finished with him here; soon he meets Luna i.e the daughter of a magician who is under great threat. No one can protect the girl except Zane because the enemy of the girl and his father is Satan himself. From here on the one who wrote Split Infinity and With a Tangled Skein in the past starts to paint the first duel in the first episode of his masterpiece.

Fights, Quotes and romance all of it is awesomely narrated by George Guidall. Quotes in the novel especially have been the highlight of the show. Worthy words decorate almost every chapter and it becomes easy to remember those chapters with the help of the quotes attached.




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