Once Ghosted, Twice Shy

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Karen Chilton had to narrate two very hot women in the novel as both of them are looking for love and relation. The narrator could have used the same kind of pitch for both of these female characters but she thought of giving a different tone in order to make the things appealing to a much higher level. Initially, Likotsi was looking for someone who could help her in her love life because she was really feeling lonely in the presence of her boss who was not interested in her.

Then she found someone who could help her in her life and she felt that her life was going on the right track. After a while, Likotsi was dumped by her girlfriend and she was unable to believe all of this. For a long time, Likotsi tried to find Fabiola but she was nowhere to be found.

Then the two met each other on the way and Fab asked Likotsi for a cup of tea which she agreed. Likotsi wanted to know the reason why she was left alone by Fab and the author Alyssa Cole starts the real crispy tale from this reunion. The two start roaming the city streets again just like they used to do in the past.

This is much like When No One Is Watching and A Princess in Theory which the author likes to paste into a story. The reunion of the two lovers is always exciting and there is a chance for a patch-up because they can discuss the long-buried issues which they tried to hide from one another.

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