Our Missing Hearts

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Art, power, and legacies of families and cultures are all here in this single book written by Celeste Ng. Celeste has narrated the book with Lucy Liu so there is a lot that would be understood through the narration. Bird Gardner is just a twelve year old boy who is living with his father. He hasn’t seen his mother for a very long time because she left the house and the family when Bird was just nine years of age.

Now he has grown up a little but he hasn’t been allowed to talk too much. His father is a librarian, there was a time when Bird’s father was a linguist but time has changed now. The American culture has been promoted with the help of literature in the country and they are destroying books that seem to be of the non-patriotic type. Margaret i.e the mother of Bird Gardner was a writer and she was Chinese American so her books also had no place in the libraries.

Bird never thought of reading the books written by his mother because he was confused about the role of his mother in his life. One day he received a strange letter that could lead him to his mother. Bird decided to find his mother so that he can clarify the reason behind her disappearance.

Finally, the boy starts recalling the stories which his mother used to tell him when he was a little boy and everything starts making sense to him. Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere was full of sparks in the middle or at the climax. The fun starts from the beginning in this masterpiece. The young boy finally goes to the dark or hidden corners of society and comes face to face with reality.

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