Palace of Treason

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After the immense success and great reception of the opening novel, Palace of Treason was highly anticipated by book lovers all over. It is chapter 2 of The Red Sparrow Trilogy novel series. It is an espionage mystery thriller with a great storyline and buildup of characters. Jeremy Bobb, just like the prequel is once again given charge of carrying the narration of this novel. Needless to say, especially after reviewing his prior work that he has once again given a brilliant performance with his voice. Not to forget that Palace of Treason novel is written by Jason Matthews.

The Palace of Treason happens to be an extremely sensational sequel of the Red Sparrow novel. That novel was so much loved by people that it earned the prestigious Edgar Award and also stood as the best-selling novel of its time in New York Times.

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In this novel, once again the Nate Nash, the CIA agent and Dominika Egorova, the star crossed spy returns to action for another cat and mouse race.

Dominika Egorova from the Russian Intelligence Service has come back to Moscow from the West. Moscow is the headquarter of SVR. Dominika discovered a few things, which proved to be in a lot more worse state than the time, she left. She is bound out of obligation and her duty to serve the thugs and crooks who were part of the Russia, which is dominated by its Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin. One thing that only a few people knows is that Dominika is actually working for the CIA.

The Kremlin’s Candidate and Red Sparrow are other worthy novels by Jason Matthews, which were well received by the audience for its emphatic and highly engaging storyline. Member Benefit

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