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Rachel Joyce is a fantastic writer who had great experience first as a writer of several plays in her career in BBC Radio and then as a full fledge writer. Perfect is one of her finest novels which is a literature genre fiction. A few other notable masterpieces of literature fiction from Rachel Joyce includes The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy and The Music Shop.

The narration of this amazing Perfect novel is given by Paul Rhys. His quality of tone and subtle expression with easy to understand accent makes this a perfect audiobook.

The story starts with the character of Byron Hemmings who wakes up one fine morning that apparently looked like any other. His school uniform was draped over the wooden chair. His sister as usual was arguing over the cereal in breakfast and witnesses the click of the heels of her mother just as she crosses the kitchen. But, just when all of them left home and drove into some dense summer fog, the morning takes a terrible turn. Something unexpected happened in one terrible moment and everything in their lives changed all of a sudden. Byron was the first one to notice something weird while her mother didn’t had any idea that what actually is happening. Byron however was certain that nothing in their lives will be the same from then onwards.

Perfect is a spellbinding novel which will go on to resonate audience of Louise Erdrich, Mark Haddon and John Irving etc. The novel tells a captivating story of a young boy who is chucked into murky and had to face the tough realities of the world that brings far-reaching consequences.

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