Perfect State

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    Another one of Brandon Sanderson’s novel with great plot, strong story line and an excellent description of the scenes that surely indulge us into the world created by the writer. The most unique thing that hit us in this novel is the privilege and prestige the characters possess.

    Such things are not quite common in Brandon’s works as the main characters in the stories are lowly born, we can see such things in novels like The Rithmatist, even in Skyward the girls past and her father was the biggest obstacle in her course but this time in the current novel the writer has presented a person who is supreme is his control and has no weakness of any sort, he is always ready to fight and confront his enemies in the battle field and there is no one who can question his rule.

    Perfect State

    However, the irony in the story arises when Kairominas had to go on a date not with any ordinary lady of the town whom he could impress or influence by his power and rule, the lady he goes on a date with is his exact equal as she too commands a world of her own with no one who could rebel against her.

    Both the characters need one another as they appear to be the perfect match for each other but the one thing both of them cannot do is to accept the fact that they can form a perfect state only through the bondage in which they need one another.

    The thing seems to be the toughest for both of them as they assume themselves as gods of their own worlds and of course gods do not need help. Christian Rummel’s narration portrays the two characters and their confusions quite well and the hidden sentiments are also well managed by the narrator. 



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