Private Games

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Mysteries and thrills continue in this third part by James Patterson and Mark Sullivan in which Jack’s company is hired for the Olympics’ security by the government. Apparently the games face no threat of any kind from anywhere in the world but once again the thing goes out of hand of the company and the rest of the organizers. In the previous two parts Private and Private: #1 Suspect the missions or jobs were never of an international scope and as the company grows in repute it is getting big cases now.

The question now is that can the company live up to its repute or everything will just collapse at this gigantic occasion. There are more than ten thousand people that have to be put under the radar all the time so that nothing bad happens to anyone of them. Though there is security of four hundred people being provided to the athletes but still catastrophe happens when a high profiled organizer is murdered. Peter knows that it is not a simple revenge issue but a calculated scheme against the whole occasion.

Karen Pope the newspaper department girl also receives a message from the criminal who admits that he is guilty. But could this be real or it is just a plan to take the eyes of the team away from the main crime. Paul Panting’s narration is slow but the narrator manages everything quiet well though the sound tends to be sluggish but it still does not create boredom for the listeners.

The interesting thing about the story is that you cannot leave any of the part because all the incidents are closely attached to one another.



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