Queen of Quarantine

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Four monsters which Tatum met during the first part of the series were quite deadly not in their appearance rather in their attitude. Having a crush for them was natural for the girl who had something deeply hidden in her as well. Problem was that the monsters wanted to eat her up and then they tried to make her their slave. Tatum wasn’t ready for both the things so she started planning i.e something which her father taught her quite brilliantly.

Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti have not painted the rise of an alpha her rather it is the rise of a girl who plans carefully and does not forget to fill her appetite of love along the way. After carefully planning she has been able to make it this far in a situation when the virus is bringing havoc to the people outside.

Here in the school it is an entirely different scenario i.e there is a war going on for supremacy. Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux have given attention to the love scenes during the narration in order to make the story more appealing for all of us.

Kings of Lockdown and Kings of Anarchy were about a fight against the monsters while here the girl is waiting for them to save her. The monsters are on her side now as she happens to be one of them too so she is waiting for them and if they don’t come in time then she would die a horrible death. The girl wasn’t expecting this kind of threat in the outside world and perhaps this was the one thing she wasn’t ready for.

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