Russian Roulette

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The novel tells us about the incompetent political system of America that failed to act at the most needful time and suffered a lot because it was not bold enough to take the first step and thus the result was destructive. The story hits both the highest authorities of the time Obama and Hillary Clinton who perhaps didn’t take the measures that were the need of the time. The use of private email by Hillary Clinton was also a thing that cannot be eradicated from the details. Thus David Corn and Michael Isikoff throw light on political issues that arise from the negligence of the personalities.

The story tells us about several different political stories as well different incidents which we failed to understand when they happened on the international scale are described quite clearly along with their motives and their impacts on the national and international scale. The book is interesting especially for those who possess an interest in politics and usually keeps an eye on certain political issues like elections and their results or issues that are discussed in the parliaments.

The story also stresses on the most vital issue in international media and that was the Russian interference in the elections of America and its support in favor of Donald Trump. The main thing that the writer criticizes is not the Russian influence but the political system of America that allowed such interference in the first place. The narration by Peter Ganim is not much enthusiastic as enthusiasm was not required because there are no high emotional scenes in the play just pure politics, its pros, and cons at the same time.

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