Savage Run

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Savage Run is the second chapter in Joe Picket’s novel series. This crime fiction, mystery thriller is written by C. J. Box. He is a popular author from the USA who is credited with more than 20 novels in his career. You will be thoroughly amazed by his unique style of writing and you can experience all that in Shadows Reel‘s novel. Another novel from the author which is worth mentioning in this discussion is Blood Trail.

The narration of the Savage Run audio novel is done by David Chandler. He was ok with his performance and portrayal of the characters in this book.

C.J. Box is an extraordinary novelist of crime fiction and mystery thriller novels. He has won Anthony Award, Edgar Award, Barry Award, and Gumshoe Award. Many of his books have been translated into 27 different global languages and that speaks a lot about his ability, reach, and popularity as an author at the international level.

In this pulse-pounding mystery thriller, you will find the critically acclaimed author at his best. In this story, Joe Pickett, the game warden of Wyoming is into the investigation of a series of bizarre killings. He was pushed hard to flee all across the deceitful terrain while having a lethal tracker on his trail. This will test his skills and his patience at the same time.

This story is not a mystery at all as we knew who the bad guys were. It wouldn’t be hard for any follower to guess that who was the one behind the killing spree. But, still, it is interesting whatever it is. The narration also added a lot to the excitement of this nice story.

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