Self Care by the Moon



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    Self Care by the Moon is a book written and narrated by Valerie Tejeda. This is a self-care practice book. She is an excellent astrology writer, entertainment journalist, and author of nonfiction books which are mostly the feel-good types. Self Care by the Signs is another prominent book from the author on astrology and zodiac signs stuff.

    Valeria Tejeda as the narrator of Self Care by the Moon did a very good job. You will find this book to be an easy listen.

    Our ancestors knew pretty well that being guided by the different known phases of the moon could lead us all to a definite sense of harmony, peace, and connectedness to the entire universe. In this uplifting and amazing production, the author will make her listeners learn about how to bring such amazing and productive ancient mystical practice to their routine. It will help you all to soothe your inner-self and your spirit from any of the stresses of the modern day.

    Self Care by the Moon

    Just as Valerie Tejeda, a renowned astrologer explained to her followers, each lunar phase was more of a cosmic guide. That is meant for rebalancing our energies and also to address all of our deepest needs and desires. The special power coming from each phase offer people a range of new opportunities for self-care. Therefore, we could easily refill ourselves when we feel down and depleted. So make sure that you don’t miss out on this resourceful invitation to reconnect with all of the unseen forces around us.

    This book will find listeners with greater calmness and well-being where you will find some excellent, soothing self-care practice. Things shared here are acknowledged by the followers as those are pretty easy to be practiced.

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    Self Care by the Signs

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