Severed Souls

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Terry Goodkind’s book 3 of the Richard and Kahlan series is a great addition to the main Sword of Truth saga. It is a science fiction epic and you would love it for the unlimited imagination of Terry and how he has given so much versatility and freedom to his prime characters in all sorts of situations. Once again, it is Sam Tsoutsouvas for the narration of this novel. Just like many other novels from Terry, Sam’s voice is nothing short of exceptional.

Severed Souls is a sweeping novice novel by Terry with the expected Kahlan Amnell, Richard Rahl and their world, of course.

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However, from critic perspective, this novel has some dull moments and it looks like the quality of this novel dipped a bit. Still, it has a mix bag of reviews and you will also find many of those, who loved this book a lot.

It is not only the Severed Souls novel, but in all his other popular novels, you will be entering into a very unique and unimaginable world of Terry Goodkind. His world is full of adventure, exceptional storytelling and the characters are something, which are hard to forget. Such a deep and long lasting impression the novels of Terry has on the hearts and minds of all his followers.

Stone of Tears and Blood of the Fold are those novels by Terry Goodkind, which have created a great and a long lasting impact in the eyes of his fans and as well as his critics. The people with interest in science fiction fantasy would find them quite entertaining. Narration is also a strong point of these recommended novels and you will enjoy them as a whole package of entertainment.


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