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Strange things happen in the world of magic formed by Raymond E. Feist, first it was an orphan who got to the supreme position in the world of magic. Survival of a princess is the primary issue here in this trilogy; poisoned bold has left Princess Anita in devastating condition. All was set for the wedding day and she thought that it would be the best day of her life rather she got the bold instead of the groom’s love. Prince Arutha loves the princess more than anything in the whole wide world so he starts a quest of his own to save the life of his future wife.

Princess can only be cured by the Silverthorn which is not only hard to find but its place of existence is also in the enemy’s domain. Spellweavers don’t allow people from the land to enter their domain and if they do enter then there is no going back in one piece. Arutha has his own well set team for the task that includes a thief of supreme genius who can snatch things from the devil’s nest. Magician: Apprentice and Magician: Master was just the intro of the magical world that Nicholas Guy Smith started narrating.

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This book is something more than all of that, it takes us to the den of all evil there is in the world of magic and witchcraft. If you are looking for change in the series this book will provide you that the others lacked i.e true love. Pug wanted to marry a girl but he was not that much mad about the wedding, here Arutha is ready to sacrifice his life even for love. Member Benefit

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    Magician: Master

    A Darkness at Sethanon


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