Slaves to Darkness

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In the fiftieth portion of this saga Terra was really going down because the enemy has started to squeeze its grip a little. It was always on the cards that Terra was going down and the heroes have surely played their part by keeping the enemy away from the domain this long.

Eradicating the enemy was tried but the enemy is like an immortal war machine that cannot be eradicated from the face of the universe. Author John French still gives the Emperor’s men a chance to survive and give a death blow to the enemy by attacking Horus who is not well since the last confrontation.

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Horus severely wounded cannot take part in the battle and this might give the Throneworld ample time to join forces with Guilliman and the Lion who are on their way to aid the empire. In the absence of the Warmaster from the scene the traitors too need to rally around one single dominating figure because individual attacks might give zero result.

Maloghurst believes on Horus and shows readiness to bring him back to the game but Horus’ wounds are healing quite slowly and the devil is finally fading too. Story is not equal to The Solar War and Age of Darkness in standards but Jonathan Keeble’s narration covers everything.

Jonathan’s sole voice has been ample for both sides in the show and no chance is ever given to the critics by the narrator. Most of the fans are now so much attached to his voice that they might not listen to the series if a change occurs in narration in any of the parts to come. Member Benefit

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