Sniper Elite: One Way Trip


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During a mission in Afghanistan, a female pilot of the American army got caught by the Taliban. Getting in the stranglehold of the Taliban could prove worse than death because they don’t show mercy whether a soldier is male or female. They will kill the pilot no doubt but first, they will enjoy cutting every limb of that human being who has come to attack their soil.

The president of the United States can take a step to save the officer in distress but he is afraid that the international community and his parliament will go against him. Also, a hidden operation is needed because an open duel will result in the loss of precious life. During these discussions and table talks in the president’s office, the news reaches to Special Ops community and they are not waiting for orders. The pilot who has been caught belonged to their group and they are waiting for no orders of any kind to launch a mission for their friend.

Sniper Elite: One Way Trip

Scott McEwen and Thomas Koloniar not only tell us about the bravery of the Special Ops but also depict their attitude towards the enemy. Sniper Gil Shannon independently launches a mission to save the girl who would soon be tortured to death. Target America and Ghost Sniper take the missions further and make them appear more serious. The Voice of Brian Hutchison is like the voice of a true soldier and any other soft voice would have been rejected by the audience at once. The launching of this series has opened doors for a new form of war situation which will always take place undercover in the leadership of a true hero.


Always and Forever, Lara Jean

Target America


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