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Discworld sensation just cannot be ignored by any fan, there are three spices that make every part seriously addictive i.e fantasy, strong story and the voice of Stephen Briggs. Terry Pratchett has introduced all the elements of the real world in this imaginary world, we find police investigating cases then there is politics and not to forget good sensible education.

Whenever seriousness is brought in the series it is through the character of Sam Vimes who has the duty to keep an eye on Ankh-Morpork. But everyone needs a time out so that he can spend some leisure time with his family, for this Vimes’ wife also plans to get some fresh air. The man has not been on vacation since Thud! And the time has come to leave the city in the hands of the department for a while.

Question is that can a duty officer do that because his nose always smells the danger around and fresh air can bring some crime new to him. Sam finds a dead body and he knows that there is something fishy going on near him; he knows that he is not in his areas and the case is not his case but still he starts an independent investigation.

A little comic here because we think that Sam was actually looking for a crime scene and now he enjoys the crime scenes more than spending time with his wife. Not a magical ride like I Shall Wear Midnight but this is what happens when Terry goes to Sam for an episode, the surrounding become more real and full of awe and fear.

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