The World of Poo

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    Before starting this new book the latest shocker that one gets is the change in narrator, after a very long time narration department is handed over to a new person. Helen Atkinson-Wood the new name for the series is actually not a new name for the world of literature and storytelling. Helen has done marvelous job over the years in narration and has done perfectly here as well. Novel is in continuity of Snuff and Vimes is still with his wife but it looks that he is not completely with her all the time.

    The World of Poo

    Sam Vimes’ mind races elsewhere even when his wife is present in front of him. In the previous novel when they came to this spot Sam was looking for crime scenes rather trying to spend some happy time with his wife. This time he wants to go through “The world of Poo”. He cannot do it in front of his wife so all he desires now is to get a time in isolation so that his wife cannot keep an eye on him.

    The World of Poo

    The book looks magical as it has all the ingredients that Sam likes in a story and for the first time in the series the Watch Dog of Ankh-Morpork is seen laughing. He wants to keep this private and hidden from the rest of the world because no one should know this inner personality of Sam Vimes.

    Stories in the book also prove their worth for the listeners too and Terry Pratchett has tried to makes Sam Vimes’ stories less obvious because there were always criminal cases present in Vimes’ episodes. It is more Going Postal type with some space for fun and enjoyment.





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