Soldier of Dorsa

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Princess Natasia was attacked by assassins in the first part of the novel and the emperor was unable to detect who was behind the evil scheme. So in Princess of Dorsa, the emperor made the princess his heir so that no one else can get to the crown. Here the thing has become a matter of the past because the emperor is dead and the princess has been exiled. The shadows are coming for the empire and this is something that the Brotherhood of Culo warned a long time ago.

No one believed them because people thought that they were just loading things but that was not the case. Now the war between good and evil has started and the people of the mortal world are short of heroes. Between all of this, there is a warrior who took an oath to protect the princess at any cost. She is away from the princess but she is going to use the full power of her blade to get to the princess before the enemies come in the way once again.

Eliza Andrews has paved the way for the third part of the series here and so far the mortal world is losing the battle and the warrior that can save the people is more concerned about the princess first who can act as the empress. Empress of Dorsa has a hint in its name so we already know what is coming in the third part.

The real thing which is concerning is the love tale of the princess and the warrior who is coming for her protection. Elizabeth Saydah’s voice will take you to the end of the series and it is a really good quality narration that has been provided to the series.

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    Princess of Dorsa

    And Then She Kissed Me


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