Speaking in Bones

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More Temperance Brennan involves herself in crime investigations the lesser she gets the time for her personal life. She has not been able to give time to her daughter for a long time but that is now totally another issue, also her divorce is confirmed and she finds a marriage proposal by Andrew Ryan on her doorstep. After receiving the proposal she starts thinking that life is bringing back the colors to her and then the one color that she is familiar with appears before her i.e red.

Another murder is committed and the time to think about personal affairs has disappeared for her once again. Strike another master detective comes to Temperance with a tape in hand in which there are recordings of a girl who disappeared many years ago.

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Though the girl got killed and her bones still rot in Tempe’s lab but the tape might provide them a lead to reach to the criminal so that justice could be served after a span of three years. Temperance never liked working with Strike but after going through the tape twice she thinks that he is saying the truth.

Backwoods was the place where the recording was done and Tempe is horrified to note that the bones were also found on the same place. They went to investigate just one murder and got lead to many others, someone has been burying his victims cleverly over there. Kathy Reichs once again give the smell of Cross Bones and Break No Bones in her novel because here too the locals that Tempe meet talk about religious offerings. From experience Temperance is sure that this is not the case and the issue of religion is put there to hide a crime. Katherine Borowitz narrates her final part this time and she like the previous narrators has accomplished much through the series.

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