A Conspiracy of Bones


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Good news for the fans of Linda Emond the one who decorated the parts like Bones of the Lost and Bones in Her Pocket with the marvelous voice is back. Voice quality and also the impression the book has improved with Linda back on the job, her voice suits to Temperance Brennan more than any other narrator.

For Kathy Reichs next new novel compatible narration is an extra blessing for the fans. Body found in this new case happens to be without a head so predicting who the person is becomes tough for Temperance. She cannot get the tooth enamel sample and other things like that but then the dead body had the cell phone number with it to be recognized easily.

A Conspiracy of Bones

For the police the case can be closed at once because the cell phone number proves that the corpse is of the man who was connected to the case of a missing child. For Temperance once again it is a lead that was intentionally embedded in the corpse so that the police don’t have to make further investigations. Open and shut case makes the highly ranked forensic expert confused she does not know what to do and then she starts the investigation on her own. Her senses tell us that there is something more to the case than just a cell phone number.

There happens to be another problem this time i.e the new boss who does not like the way Temperance deals with the things and Tempe too has a suspicion resting on him since day one. Thus her act of working alone might cost her in end but she is not afraid at all like always.


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