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Simon Sinek an inspirer and a true motivational speaker has always tried to make the people believe in the power of team work. His work has no doubt paved the way for millions of people who have got better in their jobs or work sites after listening to him. He also narrates this book himself because he believes that he can convince the people upon his ideas in a much better way as compared to any other narrator. Most of the time we get the hint that only thing he wants to inculcate is positivity.

It is the positive mental approach that keeps you going in your business relations and helps you develop a sound relation with the co-workers. Second major point that he discusses every now and then is the word “WHY”.

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He is of the view that we should not stop using this word in our mind as it helps us to understand that why some people are progressing at a better pace than us. Why they can attract more customers as compared to us, will make us able to search our weaknesses.

Not only that the writer supports his idea with different examples from the past of successful business men and legends in the history of man like Martin Luther King Jr. Simon’s words possess the power to lead a whole movement in the business circle. Such passion can be observed in The Infinite Game and Leaders Eat Last but here he openly talks about it and does not dish it up with any kind of story. He talks straight to the point and from the start we can observe his focus on the word “Why” that he thinks can provide the solution to any problem.



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